Secret Bankers 60 Second Binary Trading System!

Many People are secretly making their fortunes trading in the markets online using these trading secrets from an ex banker! Copy Them, and earn handsome profits!

It's as EASY as Choosing your Direction!

Binary Options Stock Picks Winning System

Copy This Ex Banker's Secret 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading System!

Yes! You read correctly! These are REAL SECRETS from an ex banker that turned his biggest passion which is trading with Forex, stocks, and commodities into a simple profitable business model that everyone can use for their profit Binary code online share trading has become one of the most popular ways to trade profitably online. The reason for this is because Binary Code is simple to implement, and used correctly can create a strong and consistent income stream for EVERYONE!

The binary options trading method itself is not a secret, but a simple and extremely lucrative way to trade. The bankers secrets to trading successfully using binary are simple to understand, and you are going to be extremely excited when you see exactly how to profit with Binary options trading within minutes!

As a point of interest this Ex banker even went so far as to teach his elderly parents and teenage son the system, and they were able to grasp the concept immediately. Now you can start trading profitably, and increase your wealth by simply following the same steps.

It is a well known fact that less than 1% of the elite know the true secrets including brokers and other financial Gurus - which they guard these jealously from the public and the media. While you are earning paltry interest rates on your savings and pensions, the bankers (and this used to include the banker that has now shared this secret trading system) are living the high life. Wearing expensive Armani suits, sporting genuine Rolex Watches, driving Porches & Ferraris and enjoying holidays at luxurious destinations.

You probably know how much banks are prepared to help you and for example when a family man, on the 28th of the month, wants to extend his overdraft limit so he can feed his children, he gets to hear an arrogant I am sorry we cannot help you... from the bank that he so faithfully supports. The ordinary person saves dollar for dollar for his or her future and the banks make billions from this money.

Here is the short version of what you can do now in order to achieve financial freedom.

You do not need a fortune to start for a Binary Options Broking Account, and most ask for a small investment to begin with, and often these legitimate regulated, licensed platforms like the one recommended on this website will add a nice bonus to help new traders get started! Binary options are the Smart profitable way to trade! You will quickly get the hang of how it works because it is so easy and you can do trades with a few clicks of your mouse button!

Submit your details to join this recommended binary options trading platform as shown on this website, and after you are contacted by a real person, they will assist you to open up your account in less than 2 a few minutes minutes Ask about your sign up bonus when speaking to the consultant!

NOTE: Please DO NOT share this secret trading system with ANYONE!

On these next steps on this page you will discover a little known secret that this Ex banker literally stumbled across in recent weeks that he uses to regularly bank $80 to $150 per hour trading currency with Binary Options.

Note that this system will only work for accounts with 60 second trading options like the legitimate share trading platforms we recommend on this page.

Now, for those of you that are not familiar with Binary Options, it is a fixed rate return way of trading stocks, commodities indices and currency where you simply choose if it is going to go up or down (Call or Put) and these options usually expire within 15 minutes or 30 minutes. In this system you will only trade EUR/USD or you can choose your own currency pairs if you like on this unique trading platform that allows 60 second trading. The beauty of trading the EUR/USD more than most other currencies is that the currency regularly fluctuates. What this means for YOU the trader, is that you can win 1 in 5 trades 100% of the time, providing that you can make sure that each of those 5 trades will give you a cumulative return.

Now we move on the strategy. NOTE: We Have Used Screenshots For Binary Trading Options Examples Only! (Most are similar in layouts)

Binary Options Online Share Trading

Click on the tab in your trading account that says Binary Options then select EUR/USD or currency you prefer to trade with. (We are going to use the EUR/USD for explanation purposes)...

You will see the different trades you can make and also a column that says Popularity or trends or trader insight (Different Binary Options Platforms have different descriptions here but the gist of this is the same meaning 'trading insight or trends'.)*NOTE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

The popularity column shows you a trader insight, you should ALWAYS go with the highest percentage. We have placed a LIVE Traders Insight Application on the Right of this page for your convenience!

When the trend is saying that you should select PUT, it means that the currency exchange from Euro to US Dollar is likely to go down.

Remember this and go to Step 2

Example trading platform

57.4% odds of winning

Now click on the 60 Seconds tab binary options trading in your account and select EUR/USD or your preferred currency pairs

Then select your starting trade of the minimum your platform allows $5 or in some $10 We will use $5 for example trades here...

Then select PUT which means it is going to go down and then hit START TRADE when you do this most platforms pause to give you a couple of seconds to cancel or approve the trade in case you have made a mistake. In a few seconds your trade will start and a 1 minute timer will appear below your trade or in other platforms conveniently located!

If you win the trade, then you would have made a profit

If you WIN repeat Step 1 and Step 2

If you LOSE go to Step 3

60 second trading secrets

60 second binary io options trading

79.1% odds of winning

Make sure you are still on 60 Seconds and you have EUR/USD selected and this time select double the investment you previously put. In our example we will put $10 on the investment trade as shown in the example below!.

Repeat the process in Step 2 of selecting PUT and hitting START

If you win the trade, you would have won $7 which covers your $5 loss from Step 2 and puts you $2 in profit. Now repeat Step 1 and Step 2 again...

If you lose move on to Step 4

Binary options 60 second trading secrets

98.9% odds of winning

Now this step is a bit more tricky that requires a quick hand, but it is what makes this method viable. Firstly, do the same as the last 2 steps but select a $20 ( double the last investment again remember) investment and then as quickly as possible, approve the trade, and then select a $5 trade and hit START...

The reason for this is because if you win on just $20, you will make $14 which after your $5 loss and $10 loss will give you a loss of $1, but by quickly placing 2 trades almost simultaneously with the same entry point, it will have the same effect of a $25 dollar trade. And if you look at the trade below that has been circled in red in the example below entry points of the trade are almost the same, only .00001 different from each other, and you can see that the payout on the first trade is $34 and the second trade is $8.5 which gives you a total return of $42.50 which after your first 2 trades of $5 and $10 gives you a profit of $2.50

If the trade wins, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 if you lose the trade go to the 5th and final Step

60 second trading

100% odds of winning

You will rarely come as far is the 4th trade which is shown below in Step 5, but when you do it is actually a good thing.

This time select a $100 trade. This will give you a return of $170 which after staking a total of $140 will give you a profit of $30

As long as you are following this method to the letter as well as the golden rules shown below Step 5 your odds are 100% of winning this trade.

Now, you might be thinking WOW! This is too good to be true, but you have to be careful and follow a few simple Golden Rules.

If the EUR/USD or the currency pair you want to trade with has an even trader insight DO NOT TRADE there must be a bias one way, even if it is 49% to 51% that 2% gap means a lot in the world of currency trading.

Trading is fast paced. In order to catch the winning trade in the 5 point decimal base with your 4 trades you have to be quick. This is especially important in Step 4. (If you like to see binary options in action visit the blog link above on this page to Watch a Binary Options Trading video and more information).

If you are using a laptop, you might want to use a mouse rather than the track pad for speed, or if you have a slow mouse INVEST IN A BETTER ONE!

This is of vital importance, if you go and make a cup of tea between trades using my 60 Second Method then you may miss the necessary entry point to win, and your odds will drop from 100% to 50% so BE QUICK

Do not change the direction you are trading on midway between Step 2 and Step 5. If your starting trade at $5 is a PUT then continue through to Step 5 on PUT do not switch to CALL as your odds will drop from 100% to 50%

After each winning trade, ALWAYS check to see if the Popularity has changed from PUT to CALL, as shown in Step 1.

Do not deviate from the staking plan. It is easy to get greedy but greed = failure

So that is the bankers 60 Second Profit System. Learn this smart way of trading and you will start living a comfortable lifestyle...

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